The originator of an artistic art form called “Colorist Art”, his approach to the treatments of color and light is unique. His employment of bold, vibrant and brilliant colors, his distinctive use of perspective plus the simplicity of his subject matter has brought an abundance of attention to all his artworks. As a prolific painter, he is quickly becoming recognized as a multi-discipline artist and all his newest colorist and abstract collections are eagerly anticipated by his local supporters and admirers.


My Art Is the Sum of My Choices – I am a Canadian artist who only recently started to show my artwork to the general public. After having worked overseas for many years I am now living in the Ottawa/Gatineau region in Canada. My decision to become a professional artist was effortless … the passion to paint simply overtook me and I discovered how I could express my emotions of the moment through color.

I base my success story on my taste of other art forms that I have merged together onto my canvases which makes my artwork easily recognizable by all. In my studio, I am constantly experimenting to create new processes and most importantly to enhance my distinctive art style now called “Colorist Art” by my peers and those who have bought my paintings.


My Colorist Art style is a combination of new techniques that I’ve developed. It begins with the use of liquefied oil paints to produce more malleable textures that allows me to manage this medium in new ways. My unusual mixing of oil paints with store-bought additives and my unusual application methods are now recognized as the dominant characteristics of my artwork. For example, I have developed a process that causes the brush strokes, which are apparent on most canvases, to literally recess below the surface. The result is a flat luminous layer of paints that reflects all the color’s intensity towards the observer’s eyes. In summary, the combination of all my innovative techniques has allowed me to create a new art style that is totally different, vibrant, and alive with colors and flowing with my emotions. In the past few years, I have produced over 240 pieces of art and the majority of these paintings have been sold locally to collectors, galleries, family, and friends. My main diffusion venues are collective and solo exhibitions, a solo public pop-up gallery, and my website.

My Studio… Where It’s All Created

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