Step 1: How do I participate?

I’m well aware that you have a multitude of friends, family and other artists that you know on your many social media sites. I want YOU to tell them about this fundraising event for Doctors Without Borders and to get involved. Just “post and promote us” until March 11th.

It’s that simple…

Step 2: What do I have to do?

Go to our contact form to let us know that you will be promoting us. You can use as many of the documents below to post to your social media friends. Ask them to visit this website to donate to Doctors Without Borders or to just promote us as you are now doing.

It’s a great way to make this fundraising event go VIRAL…

Step 3: How do I know it’s working?

Now watch go GO VIRAL!

Just sign-up for our Newsletter and we will send you regular updates.

See for yourself what we can accomplish as one… as “Artists”.

Together we’re a force of GENEROSITY…